Rzhev Startail
                                                              (Rzhevski KrasnoPegije Turmani)

Origin: Russia. Named after the city of Rzhev which is situated northwest of Moscow.
Bred there since the beginning of the 18th century.

General Impression: Medium sized, slender tumbler breed with a low station. Always
clean legged. A typical feature of the breed is its uplifted tail with the distinctive white

Head: Because of the flat top skull and the wide, high and steeply rising frontal, the skull is nearly square shaped. Still the edges are rounded. Plainheaded or shell crested.

Eyes: Large, expressive, always bull. Cere smooth, rather wide and pale to cream colored.

Beak: Nearly of medium length, thick and blunt. Slightly downfaced. Light in color.
Cere small and refined.

Neck: Of medium length. Strong at the base and tapering towards the head. Throat
well carved.

Breast: Broad, rounded and a bit prominent.

Back: Long and sloping.

Wings: Long and carried below the tail, but not dragging on the ground.

Tail: Long, carried slightly uplifted and a bit fanned. 12 to 16 tail feathers. Oil gland can lack.

Plumage: Smooth, tightly fitting to the body.

Colors: Red or Yellow (red in either lighter or darker hue, but a darker hue preffered).

Color and Marking: Color clear, even and as shiny as possible. The marking is magpie like: Colored are the frontal, top skull, neck, breast, shoulders, back and tail. White are: a small area around the eyes, cheeks, a little beard under the beak (not too large), wings, belly and legs. Before the colored tips of the tail feathers is a white ribbon which should be clean cut and of a pure color.

Grave Faults: Totally round or very elongated head. Thin, pointed or long beak. Red or coarse eye ceres. Insufficient carriage of the body. Very high station. Heavily edged or irregular tail bar. White frontal. White nape. Colored cheeks. Very large beard. White or mixed colored back. White or self colored tail feathers. White in the fluff. Overmarked wings. Colored belly or legs. Poor or bluish color.

Judging Order: General Impression - Shape of head and beak - Carriage of Wings and
tail - Tail bar - Color and Marking of the rest of the plumage.
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