Installing fonts in Windows '95
((sorry its the only operating system
I know how to install fonts in))
((maybe its similar in Win. '98 I'm not sure))
((Consequently if you need help un-zipping the go Here
and if you don't have WinZip go Here to download it))

#1:  go to the start menu then to "Settings" then to "Control Panel"

#2: Select and double click on the "Fonts" icon in the "Control Panel"

#3: In the "Fonts" folder select the "File" pull-down menu and go to
      "Install New Font"

#4: From the "Add Fonts" window select the folder you un-zipped the fonts into and then push the "Select All" button followed by "OK" to install the fonts
then your all done and you can come back here and view this site the way it was mean't to be viewed! ((you may have to restart your browser for it to work
remember to bookmark "Russia Station" before you do!))